We are proud to have built a solid and loyal client base.

Some recent testimonials include:

"After years of being unhappy and unfulfilled in my career, the Prep for Career Success assessments and Laurie's Solutions-focused Coaching were crucial pieces to my career change puzzle!  The Career Assessments Report objectively categorized the top careers for me.  The research functionality of the system was a very useful bonus. With Laurie's assistance, I was able to identify the best career that utilizes my strengths and gives me the most joy.  Her extensive Human Resources and Business knowledge was especially beneficial to my career transition by helping me understand the careers and sectors that offer growth opportunities.  Laurie guided me in creating a career transition plan and after completing two continuing education courses, I'm excited to embark on my new career in Social Media Marketing!


Laurie is a wise and insightful Coach who empowered me to achieve both my career and personal goals resulting in significant positive changes in my life. I'm immensely grateful to Laurie for her assistance and highly recommend her as a Career and Personal Coach!"
-Social Media Enthusiast 



"Laurie provided personal coaching, which was instrumental in my career transition. Her knowledge and attention to detail aided me at a time when I wanted to focus on a new career path as well as encompass my “wish list” for career management. Laurie is able to move people confidently through the process of change. She offered invaluable support that helped me stay focused on my goals and remain positive during stressful times. Laurie’s assistance and encouragement were impactful in helping me get the results I wanted. I found my ‘dream job’ and I couldn’t be happier!


Laurie was a pleasure to work with.  She was always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns, and created an atmosphere of open dialogue.

Laurie’s coaching skills coupled with her HR and business experience is a dynamic skill set! Laurie clearly loves her work and is genuinely passionate about helping people succeed in life. I am confident in recommending Laurie’s coaching services."
-Sales Executive, Benefits Management industry



"Laurie has been my Coach in both the business and personal arenas of my life during the last couple years. Her insight into human behaviour and dynamics is the magic ingredient that allowed me to respond with sound strategies to issues in both areas. Laurie is a natural encourager, offers a balanced perspective and remains neutral even when errors in judgment are discussed. Her sound coaching, and ability to help me clarify a situation while determining the right direction, gives me peace of mind and always results in a resolution.


Laurie was born to coach and does it exceptionally well!"



"Our firm is maturing into a well organized and efficient group of people focused on the right things and I give Laurie a lot of credit for getting us to this point. In terms of our Human Resources needs, Laurie provides us with excellent guidance and support as we work through the processes and programs necessary to ensure our employees are well managed.

The ability to source, hire and retain exceptional employees is key to our success and Laurie was integral to the development and execution of a highly successful recruitment program. In addition, she provides our leadership team with expert advice in handling their HR issues and has established an outstanding rapport with all members of our organization.  I consider Laurie to be a valuable strategic business partner and member of our team. We are lucky to have Armstrong & Associates leading our HR practice!"
-Founder, Systems Integration firm



"Armstrong and Associates were responsible for all matters related to HR including strategy, program development and implementation, and policy. As Chief Administrative Officer for a growing consulting firm, I engaged Laurie to create and implement the HR programs and infrastructure necessary to build and sustain a high performing team of employees and contractors. These programs included strategic staffing, compensation and benefits strategy, training and development, and new employee orientation. In addition, she developed, communicated and executed our first annual performance management system under stringent deadlines. Laurie provided excellent HR Management in creating programs that make us an employer of choice.

Armstrong and Associates will be a tremendous asset to your company and have my highest recommendation.”
-Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Professional Services firm



"You have done an outstanding job, Laurie! 

This was a complicated legal matter and your grasp of the facts and the issues has saved the organization significant legal fees.  You did an excellent job sorting through these difficult employment law issues.

It has been a great pleasure working with you."
- Highly Regarded Employment Lawyer



"The HR projects you completed for our organization have prepared us for future success and growth."
-President, Health Care Provider



"I had the privilege of working with Laurie on a number of HR initiatives. As I managed a young team with minimal management experience, she was instrumental in helping me develop the group's skills to create a productive team. We worked with the team to build strategic goals, prepare and deliver employee reviews, develop their interviewing skills and to effectively handle the day to day management of their teams. The program was very successful and many have progressed into more senior roles within our company.

Laurie facilitated the creation of our three year organizational strategic plan with my leadership team.  An Action Plan with regular progress reviews and a Change Management Plan were implemented with great success.  With input from stakeholders, a new mission statement with organizational values was created, and communicated throughout our business. 


Laurie also worked with me independently where we focused on organizational design ensuring the team was correctly structured with the appropriate skill sets in the right roles. We developed programs to improve employee retention and build team morale. Lastly, we created profiles to ensure we hired and trained a team focused on our business’ needs. The group has run successfully over the years and continues to use the skills Laurie taught us in the early years."
-Vice President, Financial Services



"You do an excellent job developing and implementing HR programs as well as handling day-to-day people issues on our behalf."
-Vice President, Human Resources, Software Development firm  



"I am extremely pleased with the recruitment tools that Armstrong and Associates created for our organization's leadership team. The comprehensive recruitment program enables us to make objective hiring decisions and truly allows for the best qualified candidate to emerge. We not only rate candidates on competency but also match them with the organization's values and work culture."
-Divisional Manager, Not-For-Profit



"Laurie has an amazing talent which enables her to understand complex situations, analyze them down to actionable parts and make constructive decisions that consider the long term impact. She also has a strong resilience to uncertainty and change."
-International Facilitator and Author

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