strategic planning, business coaching

Industry research consistently proves that companies which create and implement strategic plans outperform other organizations in revenue, profit and value creation by up to six times. We give our clients the tools to grow their businesses profitably and achieve their goals. With our guidance, clients avoid the hazards of ill-defined or unrealistic plans that impair the creation of a culture of high performance. 

Clients are encouraged to adopt a philosophy of continuous improvement throughout their organization. We stress best practices based on our years of expertise and strategic planning research with leading organizations in the field.


A planning process that includes a range of perspectives allows for the gathering of expertise from key front-line and implementation staff while capturing critical competitor and client information from customers and vendors. Through the strategic planning process we determine our clients’ core competencies - the important capabilities found in an organization that are sustainable, difficult to emulate, and offer significant value to your customers.

The triumph of a strategic plan is dependent on proper implementation and management of organizational change. Your strategic plan will be a living document with built-in flexibility necessary to adapt to a changing business environment. The result is effective and enduring performance improvement that respects your corporate values.

Strategic Planning


As Management Guru Peter Drucker said “the best way to predict the future is to create it.”


Armstrong & Associates helps clients develop a strategy that motivates them to take action and establish their winning future.